"My business is to uplift you and your business and put you in a position to win!"

Joshua Silva

Josh you are a great coach because since the first day I met you, you have been straightforward with me and others. You have motivated me in to focusing on being less aggressive in situations, looking at life in a different perspective, and all around being a great guy/ coach. You have helped me in many ways. Including focusing on starting my own business and the steps I have to take to get it rolling. You have shown me how much motivation you can have just by listening, focusing and locking into something you want or need. You are extremely supportive when the decisions I've made are good or bad and you always say ya got my back.  Your networking skills are exceptional. Thanks for introducing me to your network whom I now have a relationship with.  Jason R.




I was in a tough place when I met Josh. With his help I have been able to lock down a good job and pour great energy in my home life and develop better relationships with my family. Thanks Coach!  Luis R.





Working with Josh as a coach has been a great experience for me. Josh has been a key player in me building my business. Lawrence W.





Through one on one coaching with Josh I have been able to improve my life and my business! He doesn’t judge, he just helps you get answers.

Katrina P.





Josh is not only an exceptional life coach, but he is also one of the most well networked people I know.  Josh is the guy I call when I don’t know who or what I need.  He always knows someone and they are typically willing to try to help.  He’s a great human and he has created a strong network of successful men and women who care about other people.  I believe that these individuals are always willing to help because Josh has proven himself to be someone who always shows up for the people in his life.  His ability to connect people speaks volumes about what kind of person he is.    Gail M.