What is blocking your success?

The definition of a successful life is different for everyone. Some base it on fame, some on the amount of money an individual has, and some on family. What ever the formula a person would use to equate their success level, there is one major factor that can help them reach their desired level of success and keep it.

You have a subconscious preset level of your success

I want you to imagine a 100 gallon drum. This drum at about the 50 gallon mark has multiple holes drilled into it about the size of a silver dollar. If you were to fill that drum with water all the way to the top what would happen after a few hours? The water would drain out until there was only 50 gallons inside the drum. What if you filled the drum once a day? What if you did it every hour? You would eventually get tired of pouring and the water would seep out of the holes and the water level would remain at 50 gallons. No matter how may times you fill the drum, the water level will never reach 100 gallons

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The drum is a clear representation of your success level. You have a desire to be successful and achieve your goals and dreams but you have holes drilled into you success bucket. Those holes represent many things. Your own doubts, pre-set values from your childhood, lack of exposure, or lack of education. No matter how many times you reach your level of success you will eventually fall back down to the preset level you have been programmed to know. That’s the bad news. The good news is whatever the "hole" is, you have the ability to identify it and fix it.

I want you to recognize there are figurative holes in your mindset that will sabotage you and force you to live a sub-par life. If you in anyway feel like you can do more, you deserve more, desire more and cannot understand why it seems like you are taking one step forward and two steps back... holes.

How to repair your belief system

So this is the point where you're probably expecting me to tell you to think positive and affirm your greatness. Sorry, this isn’t that type of article. Yes I do believe you do need to retrain your mind but, personally for me, I have found in order to get results, I had to get off my ass and go to work. There are physical, daily steps you need to take in order to repair your success bucket. Disclaimer; this is what has worked for me and is continuing to work for me. If anything I have said or say as we continue in this article doesn’t vibe with you then just keep doing what you're doing... because it's been so affective so far right?

Seeing is believing! To start repairing the holes in your bucket I want you to see and live the success you want. "But Josh, you just say no fuzzy visual hocus pocus!" and I mean it. I want you to literally create what you want to be and put it out there. Write the article, build the prototype, create the website, think of the company name, ask her out, ask him out, whatever it is, do it. Do it now, do it badly, and do it hard! I want to demystify what ever you think success looks like. It never looks like what you visualize and that's because when you're in the frame you can't see the picture. Don't believe me? Let's test shall we? Who is the most successful person you know? I invite you to go have a conversation with that person and ask them about their success. I promise they will not share the vision of their success that you do. They are in it. They feel the pain, the stress, and the hard work that comes with success and even though it is all worth it, it still isn’t as rosy as you would think.

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Put the blinders on. You cannot look left, you cannot look right. You have to focus on what you want. I mean what you really want. If you want to be an actor, be an actor. If you want to be a seven figure real estate mogul, be a mogul. If you want to be 50k a year, married with two kids, be that! Stop chasing what looks good at the moment and focus on what you really want. " But I don't know what I want!' Ok. What do you want right now? I am sure it isn't to work for your current employer, make just enough to get by, and hate your life. So take 10 to 15 hours a week and start investing time in what you want. If by chance the success you desire is inside a higher position in your company, take that time to become more valuable to your company and go get it!

Put your noise cancelling head phones on. People will attempt to stop you from reaching your success level. Some people will be intentional about it and others will only be trying to "look out" for you. The two biggest holes in your success bucket will be the opinion of others and your own fear of missing out on something better. When a person you're close to says anything like " Are you sure?" " that market is crowded" or "I'm just looking out for you" put the noise cancelling head phones on. These types of statements or any kind of negative talk will awaken limiting beliefs inside of you or past trauma. Do two things when you decide to fill your bucket, do not listen to people that talk about your dreams in a negative fashion or tell you to aim lower and get exposure to people who are "living your dream"

Work your ass off. Thomas Edison said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” There is nothing worth it in this world that doesn’t require hard work for a period of time. If you want to succeed in your family, in your career, you have to work hard at it. That last sentence is usually the sentence that scares people. I think the reason is not because they are lazy. I think most do not understand what hard work really is. Hard work is different for everyone and I think what I should really say is if you want success your going to have to do the hard stuff. The hard stuff is different for everyone. The hard stuff for a guy raised in a blue collar family may be creating a business plan, while the white collard kid might run away from a shovel. I am aware I am being very stereotypical but I need to get my point across.

If you want to surpass your preset level of success you have to be willing to take on any task and be comfortable that you may suck at it for awhile. The things I am proficient in today, I sucked at 6 years ago. Now, I am capable but still have a long way to go. I will continue to patch my holes in my success bucket by continuing to get the training and education I need to get to the next level.

Patching the holes in your bucket is about setting up what you want in a rough draft version and continuing to refine it over time. It has been and will always be a process. It can be scary and exciting all at the same time but there is a cheat code to help. You must build a team and a support system. When you feel like quitting or less than, read the right books, read article to help you get clarity like I hope this article does, watch videos, and have constructive conversations with those who have been there, done that.

Most important in all of this is start right now and never give up. Someday you are going to die. Time is a lie and there is no finish line. If it takes you 20 years to reach your goals and dreams that really is ok. The reason it is ok is because when you achieve a goal you do not feel satisfied. You just want to get to the next goal. This is because it really is all about the journey and the people we come in contact with along the ride. It is about feeling alive! It is about contributing and leaving your imprint on this planet. As long as you stay the course, when you reach your death bed you can smile but you died in pursuit of something real.

There is still so much more to cover when talking about repairing the holes in your believe system of success but this is an article not a book and you have work to do. If you want to dive deeper into this subject with me, feel free to set up a conversation through my website. I enjoy this topic thoroughly and I believe it is why a lot of people spend years getting to a point in their life or business and just cannot get to the next level.

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