The 5 Steps to Reset your life

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

How to begin the process to create the life you want.

In order to make new moves you need a new bag of tricks. Remember you current way of thinking has delivered your current situation. If you want something new, something different, try a different way of thinking.


Welcome to step one of hitting the reset button on your life! I am honored and excited to take this journey with you. I would like to begin by saying this will not be an easy or comfortable process in the beginning but in time, I'd like to think the habits formed here will help you; increase production in your life, help to make your life more enjoyable, create productive change in your relationship with yourself and others, and assist you in creating the quality of life you desire.

Meet Mr. Silva

Before we get into the steps to reset, let me introduce myself. My name is Joshua Silva. I am just a person who has gone through some valuable experiences in life and desire to contribute to my country and community in a positive manner. I grew up lower middle class in a city called Attleboro, about 30 miles south of Boston and my childhood was as that of a typical child growing up in the 90’s. I have a family, I have created a few businesses, and I have helped many companies and individuals find their way into profitability and purpose. The methods I use to help my clients succeed are sound and based on what is already inside of them. I am no magician, I am not a guru, I hope you see me as a mirror that only reflects what is possible for you and the roadway to get there.

My belief is the number one reason people do not get what they want in life is because they over complicate everything! Life is simple, if we remove emotion from it and base our decisions on fact, we will see that. I am not suggesting we become cold hearted. What I am saying is when it comes to making the right choices in life it typically has nothing to do with how we feel. When we do things out of anger, excitement, or jealousy, we usually cloud our ability to make sound decisions.

I am not suggesting we become careless either. What is needed is the ability to look at all the information available to us, analyze it and make a responsible decision on how to proceed.

How did I begin?

Believe it or not, I began my philosophy of how to reset life while in the junk removal and demolition business and a lot of what will be learned here will be cemented in your mind through examples in this industry. It does not matter if you have experience in this field. What is needed is the ability to visualize and I know you can do that.

I want you to visualize a house that is jammed packed with unwanted items. A home filled room to room with old worn out furniture, unopened packages, old food and food wrappers, and beat up stained mattresses. If you’re having any issue seeing it in your mind take a quick trip to google and put in the search engine the word “hoarders” and click on any image. I’ll wait. Now I want you to imagine you come to me and I tell you me and my team will have that home junk free in less than a week. How do you think I would complete such a task?

How to reset your life

When faced with what seems like the impossible task of clearing out the junk filled home, I would use 5 basic steps:

  • Assess the situation

  • Decide the desired outcome

  • Create a plan on how to get to the desired outcome

  • Create a team to assist me

  • Execute on the plan daily until the desired outcome is reached

These same 5 steps are exactly how anyone can reset their life and get exactly what they want out of it!

Assess the situation

To begin the process in a hoarder, clean out, the first thing I would do is perform a walk-through of the property with the owner or person in charge. We would walk every inch of the property room by room and assess exactly what needs to happen to get the home junk free. Equipped with a pen a paper, I would take notes on what the rooms look like and what I would need to get it cleaned out.

The first step in resetting your life is to assess your situation. Take a clean sheet of paper and a pen and at the top of the paper write your name, date it, and write down an honest evaluation of your life. Write down who you are, how much money you have in the bank and in your pocket. Write down what you do for a living and if you like your job. Write down where you live, what you own, what you rent, what you drive. Everything that is you write it down. Your family, friends, business associates, everything that is you. I want to warn you, this exercise may begin to bring up some emotions. If you are honest with this document, it is very likely you will not like the majority of what you see. Please remind yourself that is exactly the point. If you liked everything you wrote on this paper, then there wouldn’t be a reason for a reset. The goal is to identify exactly where you are in your life.

Decide the desired outcome

Once a walk through is completed, both the customer and I have an agreed upon outcome for the property and a rough timeframe as to when it will be completed. We are both very detailed in our expectation and we agree upon the cost to complete the job. I then put the agreement on paper and send it to my customer as a scope of work. The scope of work explains to my customer what exactly me and my team will do for them and their property, the amount of time it will take to get done, the materials we will need to do the job, and the price to be paid upon completion.

With your life reset, a similar scope of work needs to be created. I want you imagine if money was no issue and you hand all the time in the world, what would your life look like? This isn’t the part where you start to become emotional and daydream. Yes, dreams are an important role in all this, but it is vital you set a desired outcome that YOU 100 percent believe you can obtain if your bills family drama, or outside influences were not a factor. I am fully aware this isn’t the typical advice motivational speakers and “gurus” give but we already established I am not typical. I want you to understand that as you evolve so will your desired outcome. I did not give the homeowner of the hoarder house unrealistic expectations. I spoke in clear and exact terms as to what he could expect from me and my team and I want you to do the same for yourself.

The next document to create is your desired outcome scope of work. This a detailed document and promise you will make to yourself on what you will do to get yourself to the next level and this scope will be your guide through this reset process. You will constantly review it and when you are out of integrity with your plan it will be the anchor to keep you grounded in a sea of emotion.

Create Your plan and build your team

Now that I have created a scope of work, I need a plan and a team. In the clean out business, my team was a group of individuals that I hand-picked, I trained, and most of them I trusted. We will dive deeper into recruitment later in this article but for now I want to explain the difference between the scope of work and the plan.

Once I created my scope and emailed it off to my customer, they would sign it and send it back to me. We now had an agreement on paper. This agreement was designed to keep expectations where they should be. Now, I needed a plan. First, I needed to decide what tools I would need for the clean out. Bags and barrels for the debris. I would need shovels, gloves, possibly mask for the dust. I may need sledgehammers, rachet sets, and saws to break down heavy furniture for effective removal. I would visualize in my mind what it would take to get the job done. Then I would think about strategy. Where is the first place we would start? Where would I direct my team to begin? Who would I appoint to do what task? I would create this game plan in my mind then put it on paper and go over it with my team.

How does this relate to your plan? What tools do you need to get the job done? Do you need certifications or additional training? Do you need more income or more experience? Maybe you don’t need any of that? It may be as simple as just recognizing everything you need to do what you want is already inside of you. There were many times everything I needed to do a clean out I already had in my shop, I just had to dig deep in the back to find it. (read that last sentence again) What are the requirements you must have to achieve your desired outcome? Are they already in you and just not being used? Write it down. Be real about what it takes to get to your outcome. Do not worry about time restraints, lack of funds, or the bitter family member who insists you can’t do it.

What exactly is your strategy? What is the routine you will use daily to ensure bit by bit your plan is being worked and you are getting closer to what you desire? How will you move every day and what are your contingencies when things do not go as planned?

Build your team

When executing on a clean out, I would usually place myself or a foreman in a room and have him load barrels or bags. He did not load the barrel then run the barrel out to be emptied. He or I would load barrels with the unwanted debris and then a runner would grab the barrels as they were being loaded and dump them in the 30-yard dumpster we had in the customers driveway. I would also have another guy inside the dumpster making sure the dumpster was packed well filling in all space maximizing the effectiveness of the dumpster. We would run like a well-oiled machine pumping debris out of the home in record time. Each person knew their job and focused on doing it well and if they did, the day ran smooth.

My team in the clean out business was a physical group of men. Your team make have real people, but it may also be people you have never met and may never meet. Your team may be teachers on YouTube, the staff that runs the marketing and SEO for the business you just created or the carriers that deliver your packages. You must put the right people in place to help you optimize your time and focus on what you are good at.

There are a few things about recruiting and building a team I have learned over the years that I believe apply to resetting your life;

  • You must make it mutually beneficial for you and the members of your team

  • You cannot expect your team to out-work you

  • If there is no trust, there is no team

  • Not everyone will make it to the end

I had a great relationship with the majority of my crew but the main reason they stuck around was because I kept them fed and I paid them. Whether I liked them or not didn’t matter to me or them, I kept them around because they could perform the work, I needed done to charge the money I needed to charge to keep the business rolling. There was a mutually beneficial reason we worked together as a unit. The specialist you hire and contract to help you with your desired outcome want to see you succeed. They want to deliver the best service possible for you and they want to be paid well for it. When building your team, don’t nickel and dime the support. Pay fair market value for the services. There is nothing wrong with getting a discount or exchanging value in other ways but please do not devalue the service that is being rendered to you because in the end, it will hurt your plan.

You must remember your plan runs parallel to the team member(s) you have decided to work with so you cannot expect him or her to out-work you on your plan. Your expectation is they will do their job to the best of their ability and nothing more.

You must trust they will do the job well. Now with that being said, if I took the laborer, I hired to sweep the floors and expected him to do the job of my drivers, then I was setting him and myself up to fail. You have to build a team and let those who are skilled work in their fields. Trust they will do well, and they must trust you will uphold your end of the bargain.

When resetting your life, you will be taking on many new teammates, you will be building a network of people who have goals that a line with your plan and helping them just as much as they help you.

In my business, I had many come and many go. It is a part of the process. I am sure you can look at your life now and recognize you do not have the same relationships today as you did 10 years ago. People will come into your life, serve a purpose or teach you a valuable lesson, and then they will go. Some may perceive this as a bad thing. I have to disagree. Some relationships have an expiration date. Even the sweetest tasting fruit will eventually spoil. But it doesn’t have to be an emotional experience and if there is an emotion attached to it, let it be joy and gratitude. Every person that passes through your life will leave something behind. That something will be used as a raw material that will contribute to the foundation you build your empire on. Do not attempt to keep people, let them flow through your life as they are meant to.


If you asked about me in my neighborhood and amongst my network, the one thing I am positive they would tell you is I have an unbelievable work ethic. I go. With a crew, without a crew, I go. I believe in my heart I must put one foot in front of the other, cover one task and move on to the next unless God himself comes down and tells me to stop. Within that mind frame, I think of one word; EXECUTE! Now here is the problem… when someone reads this, they may not believe they are capable of doing the same thing and I respectfully disagree.

Part of executing your plan is knowing when to take a break. Also understanding there is a need to have patience when working the plan. The break time IS a part of the go!

I explained earlier how I would set up my team and we would run like a well-oiled machine. What I didn’t explain is we would run that way for two hours and then take a 5 to 15 minute break. We would work the home as a circuit. Two hours on, 15 minute break and regroup.

In your life, you must learn when to slow down, reassess, and recharge. This process is vital to your success in your reset. During our breaks we would refuel, discuss what the next steps are, and then get right back after it!

We also focused all our effort in one spot and worked it until completion. By doing this, we were able to track our progress and gain encouragement because we could see an end to the madness.

When you plan, set milestones and goals, this will give you a way to measure your progress and actually see the change you are working so hard to create.

Execute on the plan until you have reached your desired outcome just as we filled barrels one by one until all the junk was gone.

The Action Steps while in the fight

So now you see there are five steps to resetting your life. Assessment of your life, deciding on the desired outcome, creating a plan to get to the outcome, creating a team, and executing the plan until you reach the outcome. Easy right? Wrong. It is simple… but it is not easy!

Going through a hoarder clean out, one room at a time, for days was rough. Some of the smells and things we would see were enough to give you nightmares. There were times where team members got sick or didn’t show. I had times where the power has gone out or the weather wasn’t favorable for us to work. But the job still had to get done and it had to get done within the time frame we said it would. So, how do you get through?

First, you have to start. No matter what I saw in a hoarder house I would start in one corner of a room and bag by bag or barrel by barrel I would work my way out. Every time I saw more and more of the floor, I would get excited! I would keep on that room until it was complete then I would shut the door and move on to the next room. We would start at the top of the house and work that way all the way down to the basement and before you know it, we would be finished. That is exactly how you reset your life. You start with one problem or one thing you do not like, and you start to improve it. While you are improving it, you recruit others to help you so you can expediate the process. You stay on task, moving from one to the next and before you know it you have the life you want.

Second, you must stay focused. While I was working on that hoarder house, I was not concerned with what my competition was doing. While I was on the clock I wasn’t focused on where my kids and wife were or any social media outlet. I was focused on my task. When you are resetting your life, you may have to take a few steps backwards or do things a pride filled person could not do. You cannot look left or right. You cannot let other people’s problems become your problems. You must focus on your plan day in and day out.

Third, you must remove the junk! If this hoarders house is a metaphor for your life than the junk inside represents the negative thinking and un-useful people in your life.

Your brain will lie to you. It will make things up to scare you and it is because your brain loves you. Your brain wants to see you safe. It could care less if you’re happy just as long as you’re safe. Your brain is like Grug in the movie The Croods.

Ironically, the people in your life who love you will do the same. Because they care about you, they may try to talk you out of a reset. They fear change and in their own experience it has harmed them. In order to reset, you must change, and to them change is a dangerous business! You need to clear them out. Both your negative fears and the people that do not serve you in your purpose.

That sounds harsh Josh! Look, I wouldn’t let another junk removal company come into the house I and working on and fill it with more junk. That wouldn’t make sense would it? So why would you let someone dump their fears or problems or any other distractions into your brain while you’re trying to clear it out?

I am not saying you have to be rude or stuck up to these people. But you may have to become a little more direct and more selective with how you spend your time with them and what you tell them. As you start to change, these people will eventually filter themselves out or jump on board and assist in your reset. They will stop reaching out to you or tell everyone else how much you’ve changed. Or they will tell you how proud they are of how far you have come and get closer to the fire! Either way is completely ok because this is about you and the fact is when you change for the better, it serves them in a positive manner.

The Reward

When the job was complete, two things happened, we received payment and we went on to the next job. If you put in the work, do it with the expectation you will receive just payment for your actions. Have complete faith that your time will be paid for and when you complete the reset, find a way to refine the new you. Continue to learn and grown with the expectation that you will be rewarded because you will. Some of my rewards have come in money but many have come in relationships, trips, great meals, and wonderful memories. The memories I treasure most because when I die, they are what have true meaning.

The definition of reset is “to set again or differently” if you “set again” you will become insane because your result will be the same. If you “set differently” you will find the next experience and possibly find yourself. I decided to set differently, and it changed my life completely! I love who I am, and I get to do what I want to do with my life and that is help people like you find your purpose. I get to enjoy time with my family, live where I want to live, I get to help businesses grow and create new entrepreneurs in the world. I took this philosophy and worked it for the last six (numbers under ten should be spelled out) years and it continues to reward me! I hope it offers you the same.


The junk removal business is simple just like life. It can be a struggle at times and overwhelming just as life can be. But the steps to get the job done are very basic and if you remain consistent and diligent in the execution, the outcome is a desirable one.

What is it you want in your life? What are you willing to work for and how can I help you get there? You have come this far. Let me assist you in creating the spark that lights the fuse to launch you into a life of joy and abundance. I am ready to work, are you?

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