Those who say it can't be done, are often silenced by those who do it.

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I grew up in a city about 50 miles south of Boston called Attleboro.


I lived on knight ave. the train track ran smack dab in the middle of my street.


I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks... literally 


My mom and step dad where deeply religious and I grew up poor. My upbringing was God over everything, which is 100 percent true.


And though it’s true, there wasn’t a lot of talk about success in my home. Money wasn’t taught like most lower middle class families and I had no idea what rich even meant.


Like I said, mom was super religious and my Pops was a rolling stone. He was flashy and always on the move. In the city I was born, Lynn MA, my Dad was the go to guy. He was the guy you called when you needed to get the job done whatever that may be.


My parents were very young when I was born and extreme opposites. Neither of them good or bad, just different. I like to think between the two of them I had a balanced childhood.


Mom brought me to church four days a week and dad taught me how to drive at 14. He was also the man to put my very first entrepreneurial book in my hand.

I've spent the last 20 years investing in my self in the world of personal development, small business, and finance.  I have a strong desire to help people. It brings me joy to see others succeed. 

If you need help finding clarity, building your business, or getting your finances in order, I can be a resource for you.


How I Can Help You

  • Get the clarity you need to produce the right actions for your life.

    1 hr

  • I can help you expand your concepts!

    1 hr

  • Build a solid financial foundation and protect your legacy

    30 min